We are Here!!

Ok, I couldn't get the other pages to load, so I am putting all the days pictures on this one page, scroll down to see the different days.

Word up Rook!!

Lunch as we got into town.

The view from the room.

The boys love the hot tub!

Aiden is learning to dive!!

Dinner at Crabby Mikes!!

The family eatin' on some crab legs!!

Aiden has found a new favorite food...Crab Legs!!

Aiden with the Killer Whale!!

Myrtle Beach Day Two!

Just like Daddy, he loves his sunglasses!!

Look at this stud running down the beach!

The boys playing in the ocean.

Aiden building a sandcastle.

Biminis Raw Oyster Bar...YUMMY!!!

Myrtle Beach Day Three

Aiden playing in the Sub Pool!

Brenden playing in the Sub Pool!

The Sub pool is only 1.5 feet deep, perfect for hours of play, and Mommy and Daddy can relax by the pool!!

The boys learning to float on their backs!! Pretty good huh!

The family hanging out at the crows nest balcony!

The family hangin' on the beach!

Myrtle Beach Day Four


Aiden the bad pirate!

Aaaaaaar, How many cars ya got out for the month, mate?

Woooohooo Tiki Jims

Mommy and little bad pirate!

Aiden riding the pet gator.

Aligator Advetnures!!

This is the largest gator in the world on exhibit! HUGE!

Look at all the teeth!

Feeding time, this was really cool.

This place had over 1,000 gators! They were everywhere!

Myrtle Beach Day Five

Big Bucket Splash!

And then, I got him again!!

Taking Brenden for a ride!

Aiden said it was like riding an aligator.

Check out Aiden sporting his googles.

This is what Brenden does when Daddy says "Smile!"

Daddy in the submarine!

Me and the Boyz!

Man, this swimming thing wears me out!!

 I believe I can fly..I believe I can touch the sky!!

Myrtle Beach Day Six
Before we went out to meet Jeff, we played in the pool all day again, the boys just love the pool.

Before the show at Alabama Theater, we met Zona at Oscars...Great Wings!!

Picture of Zona that Aiden took.

Zona rocking out on stage!!

He gave us a wave at the end of the show!!



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