Vacation Day One!!

Wooohooo!!! We finally made it!! And we wore the Magic Kingdom out! We got there at 10am, and didn't leave until 11pm.

Big time thanks go out to Lee and Kim for making this vacation come true!
We couldn't have done this without Trish Wisehart and
Duncan Wardle, Thank you guys so much for all of this!!!

Keela and the boys entering the park.

Here is a picture I took of The Magic Kingdom!

Andy & Aiden entering the park.

Aiden was sooo excited to meet Mickey.
He even told him that he loved him

Aiden having a ball in toontown!

The family entering toontown/

All of us on Alladin.

We ran into Peter Pan.

Is this a happy face or what?

Keela and Aiden on the Winnie the Pooh Ride.



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