Vacation Day Four!!

By the way, I forgot to mention, the Coronado Springs resort rocks!!! We spent a good bit of time last night walking around the resort...Man, this place is awesome. We are going to the shuttle launch tomorrow, but afterwards we are looking forward to just hanging out at all the things there are to do at the resort!


Aiden petting a goat.

Aiden trying to pet 2 sheep at a time!

Brenden hanging out with Goofy and Pluto, he loved that!

Mickey on the parade at Animal Kingdom.

Almost to our hotel room, I spotted this car being loaded up in a hauler,
I quickly turned around, the guy let me in the hauler to snap a few
Pictures. This was the 5th overall finish car at the Rolex 24!! I Think Matt Black drove it!! He and Rookie were teammates!
Tonight we are off to Downtown Disney to check out the Rainforest Cafe. That should be fun, I'll take some pics, don't know if they will make it on the site tonight, but I'll try. Tomorrow we have to be up at 5am to go to Kennedy Space Center to view the space shuttle launch...long day....Fun though...

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